RCYS is a youth sports program operated on Christian values. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for families that they may enjoy sports and fellowship through various sports. RCYS is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization.

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This Verification Form is to be completed by the Pastor the church with whom this team is associated. 

Coaches are not to complete this form.  We require the Pastor's involvement for the purpose of keeping the integrity of this Church League in tact.

Thanks for your cooperation in helping us keep the RCYS Adult Church Softball League a program with the highest value placed upon Christian values.

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time.  At RCYS, the first and foremost concern we have is for the protection of the children in our program; both physical, and spirtual protection.

We require all coaches and other volunteers, veterans and beginners, to complete this application each season.

If you cannot honestly answer all the questions in this application with an affirmation or agree to each statement, then we kindly ask that you withdrawl your request to volunteer on the field and respect our policies for this program.


If you missed the Field Evaluations, you must complete this form for your child to participate. 

One of weaknesses of our Team Balancing objective is the fact that 25-30% of players to not come to Evaluations.  This New form and its associated fee is an effort to encourage more people to come to actual field Evaluations.

We are aware that for a few, it is impossible to come to evaluations.  In that case, we ask you pay the fee and complete this form. 

Please understand, it takes about an extra 30 minutes (per player) of work for us to process these EVALUATIONS when they don't happen by way of the normal evaluation process.

Complete this form to Sponsor a Team.  Team sponsors will get their name and phone number (or web address), on the back of an entire team's jerseys.  By request, we will also provide a plaque for our sponsors to display in their place of business.

RCYS operates our program in such a fashion, that each child is already receiving approximately $35 in scholarships the moment they sign up.  Although our fee is $75 (2015), the actual cost for each child is about $110. 

This form is only to be used in cases where there are real hardships.  If your family has cable tv, cell phones, a vehicle that is less than 4 years old, etc..., then you would not qualify for this scholarship.  

If both parents are working, then you probably will not qualify for this scholarship.

Please complete the following questions in order for us to consider your request for scholarship.   With most scholarships, when approved, we'll offer approximately 53% off the league fee which as of 2017 is $75.  Therefore the scholarship granted would be for $40.00 leaving a balance of $35.00.

RCYS will grant Full Scholarships in situations where the need is demonstrated.  RCYS does not want to turn away any child due to financial constraints.


This entrance exam is required of all RCYS umpires.  RCYS contracts with Cure88 Sports for its umpire services.  Cure88 Sports is owned and operated by Brad Flanagan (bfcure88@comcast.net).

There is a $3 fee to take this exam; however, you will be reimbursed $3 once you pass this exam.  The refund will come in your first check from Cure88 Sports.

In order to get the password to take this exam, contact:
Brad Flanagan at bfcure88@comcast.net